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Our sites are hand-crafted for DPC practices.

Here's a shocking statistic: 100% of medical schools don't offer classes in web development. So let us handle it, so you can focus on providing great care.

Our templates are hand-designed for direct primary care practices. They're built with modern web technology, they're search-engine optimized out of the box, and they integrate with Atlas and Hint.

Check out our sample website by clicking the button below. Everything is customizable. Your new direct primary care practice website awaits.

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A beautiful, simple website


plus one-time $100 setup fee

A user-friendly website tailored for DPC

Unlimited content updates

Custom domain

Dynamic, mobile-friendly design

SSL security (HTTPS - browser lock)

State-of-the-art search engine optimization

Professionally copywritten default content


Customizations, EHR integration, blog, & analytics


plus one-time $100 setup fee

All Basic tier perks

EHR integration (Hint and Atlas)

Blog to keep your patients up to date & increase traffic to your site

Customizations to website code

Google Analytics monthly reports

Unlimited template customization

Unlimited additional static pages

Unlimited Partner pages


Multiple locations & dedicated support


$0 setup fee

All Standard tier perks

Multiple office locations

Dedicated support

Same day support response time


How long are the contracts?

You can sign up for a monthly or yearly plan. It's easy to stop and start your service at any time.

Is there a discount for yearly service?

Yes, we offer a 1 month discount on upfront annual commitments.

Do I need another service to do hosting?

No, our plans include fully-managed cloud hosting, ensuring your website is available at all times.

Can I export the code for my site?

No. Similar to Squarespace, DPC Spot sites are built on a dynamic rendering engine. Each page of your website is rendered on-the-fly using the information you provide through the dashboard. There are no "website files" that we can simply export.

Is there a way to see my website before I pay?

Yes! You won't pay anything until you have seen and are satisfied with a full version of your website.

Is my credit card info safe?

Yes! We use a PCI-compliant service called Stripe to handle payments (the same service used by Atlas and Hint).

How do I cancel my service?

Canceling is dead simple. Email us at team@dpcspot.com and we'll terminate your service immediately.

Do you sell domains?

No, but we're happy to help you do so, free of charge. You should ALWAYS maintain ownership of your business's domain name — don't let a third party purchase it on your behalf.

How do I buy a domain?

We strongly recommend DNSimple, it's the best registrar by far, it's what we use. Just go to dnsimple.com , sign up, click on Add Domain -> Register a Domain, then search for the domain you want.

Do you offer email accounts?

No, but we're happy to walk you through the process, free of charge.

What if I already purchased a domain?

No problem. We can connect your existing domain to the website we create for you. However, we will need to modify some configuration settings to do so. After publishing your site, we'll reach out to discuss walk you through the details.

How do I sign up?

Click the "Get Started" buttons above. You'll immediately be presented with the DPC Spot dashboard. At the top of the page you'll see some simple instructions for getting started on your site.

Have more questions?

Send us a message here and we'll get back to you promptly.

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